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On the occasion of inaugurating the long cherished Web Site of our century old beloved Bhatpara Municipality, I on behalf of the Board of Councillors express our gratitude to the citizens of this civic area for entrusting us to serve the people of this area with out sincere efforts and honest motives.

This Board of Councillors took over the charge of this local body in June, 2010 with the commitment to develop the entire Bhatpara Municipal area into a literate, healthy and clean city. We are committed to eradicate poverty of the area, to uplift the present cultural status among all castes and creads, to provide safe drinking water, to generate employment for unemployed youths, to produce manure by comppressing solid wastes etc.

Keeping the above visions in our mind, I am offering this electronic media “Web site of Bhatpara Municipality” to all the stakeholders to have direct inter-action with the Authority of this Municipality for spontaneous flow of dealing in a most transparent manner.
With regards,
Bhatpara Municipality